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What to expect when you come for a massage.

What to expect when you come for a massage

I thought I would write a little bit about how I conduct my massage appointments so that everyone can know what to expect when you come through my door.

Getting a massage is a relaxing experience, especially when you just want a relaxing massage. I have some clients that look forward to this and I am very happy to deliver the most relaxing massage to them that I can.  Often, I have clients that come with specific requests on areas of their bodies that they feel are tight, painful, or just need to be massaged to release the stored tension they have accumulated over time.  Sometimes I have people that come with one specific issue that they feel I might be able to help them with, such as a frozen shoulder, a neck that will not turn, or a lower back that is preventing them from living their lives normally.

There is a wide range of reasons that people need massages and I am very aware of that.

The first time you come to me, I will ask that you fill out a form that gives me very basic information in regard to you, as an individual.  There is a chart of the body that you can indicate areas you would like more attention and I use the information I gather to decide on the best massage for you.

After you have filled the form out, I will ask about more information about you and sometimes I will test your range of motion on the areas you indicate on the form you would like to have the most attention.  I ask a little about medicines you might take looking for things that could change how I give the massage to you. I also ask about your experience with massages in the past and how often you go to a massage session.

A first-time client will get a description of the type of massage I give, and the potential side effects of deep tissue massage.  I want my clients to know enough so that they can make good decisions about the massage. I want my clients to understand that they control the massage.  I always urge them to let me know at any point if it is painful or uncomfortable in any way without hesitation.  In my style of massage, pain should not be tolerated because pain will force muscles into a spasm, and this is the exact opposite of what I am trying to achieve.

I also cover the choices my clients have about what to wear during the massage.  I explain that it is my customers choice on how undressed they are comfortable to be and that I am fully capable of giving a massage to a fully clothed person.  I need my customers to understand that they are in control of everything because that is exactly how it should be.  At no time will my clients be treated awkwardly and privacy is a top priority for me.

After I give this informative talk, I will describe what it is that I intend to do during the massage and formulate a plan for them that will address, as much as possible, their list of areas that they would like to have massaged.  Once we are in agreement on the plan for the massage, only then does the actual massage begin.

Up to this point, the time spent talking about these issues does not take away from their actual massage time.  It is a free consultation that I give everyone each time someone comes to me.

Afterwards, I set a bell on the massage bench and leave the room while my client prepares for the massage.  When he/she is ready to begin, ringing the bell will bring me back and the massage will start.

During the massage, especially on new clients, I will check in as I work often. I will be checking that the pressure is not too much for them and to see if they are warm enough and comfortable.  If at any point I need to massage an area that is sensitive or near a guarded area, such as the neck or any other private area, I check in that my client is comfortable and feels safe at all times.  I encourage my clients often to keep in touch with me about their comfort level, their pain level and there overall well being often.

My goal is to make my massages as effective and stress free as possible.  Customers that are happy lift my heart and I often feel like I am walking on air at the end of the session.  That is how much I love to give massages.